“Nigeria will be history if I am arrested ----“ -- Asari Dokubo

Reason on the rise of insurgent groups in Africa

Asari Dokubo, Nigerian delta militant claim he is not a Nigerian

Nigerian delta militants threaten to resume armed disruption of oil


Mobile Money: Developments in E Banking, Mobile Payment System and Deposit Insurance in Nigeria

Ilorin, Nigeria--------The Rapid growth of Mobile Telephony in Nigeria, with subscribers standing at over one hundred and twenty million, and the fact that the majority of the unbanked Nigerians have access to a mobile phone, prompted the Central Bank of Nigeria to introduce Internet and Mobile Payment Systems into the financial industry. 1


Will Nigerian Government and Security Officials and Citizens Who Assist Terrorism Face Charges?

  • Do soldiers have the responsibility to follow or disobey unsafe and ‘suicidal’ orders?

New York-----Confirmed news reports have it that the some soldiers of Nigerian Army stationed in Maiduguri as part of Nigerian government effort to contain terrorist activities in that part of the country mutinied against their commander, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division, Nigerian Army, Major-General Ahmadu Mohammed on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 when he was about to address them at Maimalari Barracks in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. 1


Are Terror Activities in Nigeria, including Kidnapping of School Girls Inside Job?

  • Nigeria is at war and President Jonathan needs to constitute a war cabinet
  • Chibok may expose the relationship between pervasive ‘politics’ in Nigeria

New York----For sometime now, some media and some commentators have been inadvertently living on fallacies about the main reasons Nigeria military and security agencies are unable to stamp-out terrorism in Nigeria. They oftentimes blame it on local population co-operation with the terrorists. That is one of the areas they totally and completely miss the point. The main reason Nigeria military and security agencies are unable to stamp-out terrorism in Nigeria is because some big shots, some ‘heavy weight’ and the so-called ‘above-the laws’ in the society are behind it. And most Nigerians know this simple incontrovertible fact. 1


“Fix Nigeria to Fix Africa”

  • Chicken coming home to roost in Nigeria

New York-----“For you to fix the world, you must fix Africa and for you to fix Africa, you have to fix Nigeria”, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan tells the western powers on September 24, 2013. 1


Things United States and Britain Need to Know as They Send Special Forces to Nigeria

  • Terror mules in Nigeria governments and security agencies

New York-----Sometime about January 8, 2012, Nigeria President Goodluck E. Jonathan made a shocking announcement that reveals the extreme difficulty, complicated and dangerous situation he is working with on issues of insecurity in Nigeria. 1


The Network on Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN) Petitions Nigeria Police Service Commission (PSC) over Rape of Female Suspect by Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria

New York-----NOPRIN, the Network on Police Reform in Nigeria, has petitioned the Chairman of the Police Service Commission over allegations of rape made against the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the Onikan Police Station by a detainee, Miss Idowu Akinwunmi. 1


Nigerian Police Investigating Shipping Fraud Racket Involving a ‘Biafran anarchist’ in United States

  • International investigation by United States and Nigeria authorities currently underway with arrest of Manager of Lagos operation of international shipping racket

New York-----Information from Nigeria Police indicate that detectives at the office of Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Alagbon Annex, is investigating international shipping fraud racket involving Nigerians based in Lagos and New York, United States. 1


Nigeria Elite Police officer Cries for Help: Demands N150,000 in Order to Properly Investigate Fraud and National Security Petition.

New York-----The headline for this article could more appropriately be: Elite Police Officer of Nigeria Police Force Demands N150,000 Bribe in Order to Properly Investigate Fraud and National Security Petition. 1


Criticisms of President Jonathan on Corruption are Biased and One-Sided: Nigeria Needs Total and Comprehensive War on Corruption, or, United Nations Supervised Orderly Separation

  • Goodluck Jonathan government if anything is Simply Following Nigerian Culture of Corruption
  • Critics must come up with plan to address all corruption in Nigeria

New York-----Since obtaining independence from Great Britain in October 1, 1960, every successive Nigerian leadership had not actually paid serious attention to fighting corruption of public officials. That most successive sovereign Nigerian leaderships have through their policies and implementations betrayed more allegiance to tribal and selfish interests is not in dispute either. Nigerian successive governments, from British colonial governments, starting from the creator of Nigeria (Frederick Lugard) to Nigerian sovereign governments never want to deal with the truth about patriotism and nationhood, or rather, lack of it. 1


Making a Case for Government Funded Vocational Institution for Youths and Adolescents in Nigeria

  • Anambra State Case study of Socio-Economic Service Approach to Youth Unrest and Crimes in Nigeria

New York------ Couple of weeks ago, US-based interest-groups contacted Africans In America, Inc, a New York-based organization addressing issues facing African immigrants in United States. The US-based interest-groups read some articles about socio-political malaise in Nigeria, especially, Obasanjo-induced turmoil in Anambra State during the reign of governors Mbadinuju and Ngige starting from 1999 to 2006. . The US-based interest-groups want to find out information about existing government-funded vocational training programs (large, medium and small) providing free or subsidized skill trainings to indigent (severely economically disadvantaged) youths and adolescents boys and girls in Nigeria. 1


Who Slaughtered ‘Nigerian Democracy’?
(Study/Presentation by: Africans In America, Inc.)

New York-------- Based on study conducted by Africans In America, Inc., a New York-based organization raising awareness on issues affecting African immigrants in United States, newest experiment on democracy in Nigeria was slaughtered long before President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan became the president of the country. Nigeria democracy was slaughtered between 1999 and 2003 and buried between 2003 to 2007 long before servant-leader, due-process and rule-of-law Presidents Umaru Musa Yar;Adua and Goodluck Jonathan assumed offices. 1



Anambra Indigenes in United States Hail Planned Local Government Election as Gov. Obi’s Parting Gift

New York-------- Anambra state indigenes residing in United States welcome announcement by Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission (ASIEC) that it will conduct elections into the 21 local governments in the state on January 11, 2014 despite concern that January 11 may not be sufficient time for parties and candidates to prepare and organize primary elections. 1



Amazingly Rescue of Mongolian Woman Victim of Human Trafficking Stranded in Nigeria by a Nigerian Church

New York-----This article is about how a Nigerian church reportedly amazingly rescued a Mongolian woman victim of human trafficking stranded in Nigeria. The woman and her 2 children ran to the church with no document because her Nigerian trafficker allegedly seized her documents. The rescue was amazing because the founder and head of the church was able to understand the complicated case of human trafficking, treat it and effectively professionally resolve such a case almost effortlessly within a very short period of time. 1



Obasanjo’s Treasonable and Coupable Charges against Jonathan Appear Politically-Motivated

  • 2015 Presidential Election in Nigeria: Masses Vs. Few Retired Army Generals
  • Who Slaughtered Nigeria Democracy?

New York ------- As Nigerians breathe deeply wondering whether they will survive the season (from December 24, 2013 to January 2, 2014) without much awaited sound of marshal music and fake patriotic speech as the reason for taking-over government, people continue to analyze former army general/president Olusegun Obasanjo’ open letter’ containing treasonable and coup-able charges against President Goodluck Jonathan. 1



Nigeria Has Too Many Mobutus and Zero Mandela (Madiba)

  • Nelson Mandela is the best thing that ever came out of Africa; he will live forever
  • Nigerian crooked and corrupt politicians rudely compare themselves to Nelson Mandela

New York------Since the passing of this giant, genuine and known great leaders all over the world have genuinely been pouring eulogies praising and extolling his rare virtues. Genuine and known great leaders of the world, one after another have been expressing and showing humility and practically bowing at feet of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – Madiba. 1



Is Coup Imminent in Nigeria?

  • Is Obasanjo’s open letter to President Jonathan a coded coup baiting?

New York----Produced below is 18 pages ‘open letter’ former army general/President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to current President Goodluck Jonathan on December 2, 2013. The letter contains certain words and languages which make many people familiar with high-level developments in Nigeria to be very curios and suspicious. 1



Tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – Madiba, July 18, 1918 --- December 5, 2013

  • Nelson Mandela is the best thing that ever comes out of Africa. He will live forever
  • Nigerian crooked and corrupt politicians rudely compare themselves to Nelson Mandela

New York ------ Africans In America join the whole world community in eulogizing and celebrating the life of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – Madiba, following announcement of his passing on December 5th, 2013 by President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. 1



Lagos-based Political Financiers Fear Scammed and Duped by Anambra State Con-men

  • Senator Okonkwo’s petition getting full attention

New York---- Information reaching our office indicates that certain Nigerian major political party is investigating suspicious and allegation that its Anambra State gubernatorial candidate may have scammed and duped major financiers of very large sum meant for his election campaign. Officials of the party are strongly suspecting their candidate in the just concluded Anambra State governorship election diverted billions of money meant for his campaign into his private pocket. 1



Chief Willie Obiano, Accomplished Accountant, Auditor, Banker and Gentleman Wins Landslide in Relative Free and Fair Election for Anambra State Governor

  • Clean campaign, clean victory
  • Anambra masses choose continuity of stability and development over politics of treachery, deceits, deceptions and mago-mago

New York---- Africans In United States of America rejoice with good people of Anambra State over the election of accomplished accountant, auditor, banker and gentleman Chief Willie Obiano, the Akpokuedike Aguleri kingdom, the candidate of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) as the next governor of the state, in what credible observers describe as absolutely free and relatively fair election. 1



Chris Ngige is not Bola Tinubu; and that is One of the Reasons He Fell so Badly

  • Ngige’s noise is diversionary tactics to delay discussion on corruption issues raised during election

New York----Anambra State gubernatorial election has come and practically gone. The winner of the voting that took place is clear. According to Nigeria Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), though Chief Willie Obiano of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) won the overwhelmingly highest number of votes in all areas where normal voting took place. The winner of the election was not announced because there were few areas where irregularities took place and hence INEC’s decision to rescheduled election in those places. That is the standard operating procedure. 1


Anyone Thinking of Sponsoring Terror and Violence over Anambra Gubernatorial Election Must Learn from Laurent Gbagbo

  • Don’t Allow Yourself Used to Cause Civil Unrest, Death and Destruction over Election You Contested and Clearly Lost” (Warning: Very Graphic Horror Images!!!

New York-----Someone close to anyone planning to precipitate terror in Anambra State over lost election will better advise him or her to learn one or two things from Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast. 1



Press Release

Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano is Most Qualified and Most Suitable Candidate for Anambra State Governor in the Election Schedule to Take Place on November 16, 2013

New York-----Couple of months ago we initiated Anambra State Voter Education Project, in response to requests from some Africans  in United States, particularly members of Anambra international community here in United States and around the world. 1



It’s Time to Recall, Remove Ngige from Senate over Scandals, Non-Performance and Anti-Development Credentials

  • N250 Million Naira for shanty toilet sounds like another $349,975 for bringing a homeless American who was Christened “a handwriting expert” for the purpose of defending 2003 election fraud?

New York-----Africans In America, a New York based human rights organization addressing issues affecting African immigrants in United States is considering leading an effort to oust Christopher Ngige from Nigerian Senate following reports of scandalous whopping amount of 250 million Naira which he claimed he spent to build a shanty toilet for elementary school in his constituency in Anambra State, Nigeria. 1


Death of Christian worshipers in Uke town: Orchestrated Mass-Murder, or, Nigerian Politics as Usual?

  • This Uke tragedy present a challenge for Nigerian election officials and agency, Nigerian police, Nigerian national security and intelligence like the State Security Services, as well as opportunity to set the record on acceptable and un-acceptable electoral and political conducts.

New York-----The headline of this piece represents and summarizes a question which Nigerian election officials and agency, Nigerian police, Nigerian security national intelligence like the State Security Services, Nigerian politicians and political parties and Nigerians in general must answer, and very urgently too. 1



From Okija Fetish Shrines to Uke Christian Prayer Vigil: Political Death Merchants of Uke Tragedy must not be Covered-up like Okija shrines Horrors

  • Africans In America call for thorough investigation and prosecution of those responsible for deadly tragedy at Uke Christian religious worship

New York-----With deep sense of sorrow and solidarity, Africans In America receive the news of the senseless tragedy (loss of about 28 lives and hundreds of severe injuries) at Uke town, Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria on Saturday, November 2, 2013, after a peaceful night prayer vigil. 1



Shun Mob-action against Stella Oduah, Focus on Anambra State Voter Education

  • Africans In America (AIA) Speaks on Nigeria Ministry of Aviation Armored Cars Saga and Anambra Voter Education Project

New York.....Africans In America, Inc.(AIA), the foremost human right organization addressing issues affecting African immigrants in United States released a statement this morning expressing the reasons it did not succumb to pressure to join the mob-lynching of Nigerian Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Oduah while focusing on important task on Anambra State Voter Education. 1


1Gov. Chris Ngige and Godfather Chris Ubah

Anambranians in America Assess First Anambra State Governorship Debate

  • Obiano overwhelms his opponents

New York------On Friday, October 25, 2013, the 1st Anambra State Governorship Candidates Debate took place in Awka, the state capital. The debate was organized and moderated by Silverbird Television. Anambra indigenes in United States like their kits and kin back home monitored and followed the debate. Some watched the debate on live broadcast. 1



Certain Anambra State Governor is Possessed, Haunted and Tormented by Ghosts, New York Society Woman Reveals

  • Attacks come at mid-night times: tormented, groaning, moaning, wailing, saying things and acting weird

New York-----As part of our Anambra State Enhanced Community Awareness Project, we wish to release conversation with a New York-based Anambra society woman on her ‘encounter’ with Anambra State governor, the effect and after-effect of Okija horrors, and why it is very imperative that the horrors be revisited and appropriately resolved. 1



Ngige’s Reported Continuous Disrespect and Abuse of Religious Worships Worry Anambra Indigenes in United States

New York--------Anambra State indigenes in United States express concern at continuous disregard, disrespect, contempt and abuse of religious worships by Nigerian senator Christopher Nwabueze Ngige (aka, Dr. Chris Ngige) following reports of latest incident at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Parish in Fegge, Onitsha where Anambra state Governor Peter Obi and the senator congregated to worship with the Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha Diocese, His Grace Most Rev. Valerian Okeke on the occasion of a Holy Mass to celebrate the Archbishop's 60th Birthday with prisoners. 1



Anambra Igbos Are Revolting Against Ruthless Predators and ‘Goat Party’

  • Truths about Okija horrors may wipe-out many crooked politicians in Anambra

New York---Africans In America, Inc., a New York-based organization dealing with issues affecting African immigrants in United States is closely watching developments in Anambra State, Nigeria. 1



Who Slaughtered ‘Anambra Democracy’? (Study/Presentation by: Africans In America, Inc.)

New York---Africans In America, Inc., a New York-based organization raising awareness on issues affecting African immigrants in United States has released a 46 page study and findings on reasons for state of general malaise in Anambra State, Nigeria. In the course of the study, official of the organization travelled to Nigeria and interviewed key authorities and people directly involved and in position to possess relevant information. 1



Ifeanyi Uba beats Willie Obiano in First Debate before Anambra State Indigenes in United States

  • Ifeanyi Uba pulls a major upset in US, seen as a serious candidate

New York---Out of about 23 candidates contesting for gubernatorial election schedule for November 16, 2013, only 2 (Ifeanyi Uba and Chief Willie Obiano) appeared before annual convention of Anambra State Association in United States of America (ASA-USA) taking place in Tampa, Florida from October 10, 2013 to October 12, 2013. 1



Many Belly-laughs over Deceitful, Deceptive and Treacherous Claim of The Liberator of Anambra State, Nigeria

  • Is Anambra State really LIBERATED and free

New York----Since July 10, 2003, a group of people have been trying desperately to market and assign the label and title, the Liberator of Anambra State to a certain political figure. And looking carefully the way they are going about it says a lot about the characters, their deceit, deception, boundless egocentrism and treachery. 1



Insider Clarifies Strange Political Dance Steps of PDP vs. ‘Governor-in-waiting’

  • “It’s normal settlement negotiating strategy”

New York----Just few days ago, our Anambra State Election Monitoring Unit received what looked like emergency calls on our voicemail. The caller/callers left news tips stating that Mr. Tony Nwoye had taken over Anambra State in storm. The caller/callers also referred us to an article circulating online about triumphant entry into Anambra State with crowd never seen in the state in recent times and can only be second to the crowd during the burial of late Igbo eternal leader Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. 1



Anambra Indigenes Kick against Imposition of Candidates in 2013, Demand True Democracy

  • As Rochas Okorocha is compared to Okija Shrine

New York----Reports from Anambra international community indicate that Anambranians are kicking against any attempt to subvert democracy and deny the people the right and power to decide the next governor of Anambra State in upcoming election scheduled for November 16, 2013. 1



Anambra State Voter Education Project: Are there Democracy, Law and Orderliness in Anambra State, Nigeria? If the Answer is ‘No’, who slaughtered them? Was it Olusegun Obasnajo, Umaru Yaradua, Goodluck Jonathan, Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba, Christian Uba, Clement Mbadinuju, Christopher Ngige or Peter Obi?

  • Could Anambra indigenes have stopped the desecration of the state?

New York----The questions raised in this piece are very relevant for couple of reasons. After 14 years since 1999 when Nigeria decided to once again experiment with democracy, it’s about time to do a bit democracy-introspection to appraise on where we are and where we need to be. And these questions and democracy-introspection become more relevant since key actors many believe truncated and slaughtered democracy in Anambra State are back on the stage again to finish the job they started. 1



Africans In America Inc. responds to ‘Bizman ties apprentice for 10 days without food in Lagos’

  • Wants Nigerian governments to do more to eradicate abuse of young apprentices

When Thankgod Nwabisi, 23, left his village in Adani, Uzo-Uwani L.G.A of Enugu State to serve as an apprentice to an auto -parts dealer in Ladipo, Lagos, popularly called Elopee, members of his family heaved a sigh of relief, believing that their only child was making a positive headway in life. 1



Foreign Interests Plan Sophisticated Ways to Rig Anambra State Governorship Election

New York-----Africans In America News Watch is exclusively reporting that there is sufficient information on solid plans by competing foreign interests to rig upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra State. The only aim of the foreign interests behind these plans is to capture Anambra State treasury and perhaps loot it silly. 1



Nigerian First Lady Did Not Start Rivers State Crises: The Crises Has Clearly Defined Origin and Amaechi Needs to Commit to Resolving It

New York---Professor Wole Soyinka was the first person that hinted on the original cause of the crisis in Rivers State by stating it has something to do with “some waterfront resources”. That was during an interview about few weeks ago. 1



Rotimi Amaechi Must Not Mis-Interpret, or, Abuse Mass Support

  • Majority of Nigerian minority ethnic groups have rejected second-class citizenship and slavery; they have jettisoned born-to-rule mentality; they do not just want influential position in Nigerian government, they want their turns to rule Nigeria. For Amaechi, Vice-President position will be political suicide.

New York----As 2015 is fast approaching and Nigerian political landscape keeps shifting and evolving, a core segment of progressive Nigerians who had strongly supported Rivers State dynamic Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who is also their recognized Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum are concerned that their hero governor may mis-interpret or mis-use mass support being showered on him in his face-off with his adversaries. 1



The Reasons I Must Travel to Anambra State and Make My Vote Count in November 2013

New York----Few weeks ago, I announced my intention to travel to Anambra State, Nigeria and vote for upcoming governorship and local government elections in the state whenever the dates are announced by INEC, the election body. Now that the dates have been announced and the coast is becoming clearer, my announcement still stands. Like I stated in that earlier release, like every election, many people will vote for very many reasons. 1


Key Lessons of Lagos State Government Handicapped Deportation Program

  • Deportation is de facto declaration of sovereignty from Nigeria
  • Lagos State destitute concentration camps similar to Hitler’s Jewish concentration camps; the only difference is absence of gas chamber in Lagos

New York------A large section of Nigerian immigrants residing in United States are reacting to on-going policy decision of Lagos State government to deport handicapped, sick and homeless Nigerians found on streets of Lagos to their states of origin. 1



How Not to Be a Mega-City: Lagos State Government Reportedly Secretly Deports Handicapped Minority Tribes Elderly, Men, Women, and Children and Dump them on Highways in Middle of the Night

  • State and National Safety and Security Issues

New York------When the news that Lagos State government had deported large number of mostly handicapped and mentally sick Igbos from Lagos and forcefully dumped them along expressway at Onitsha end of Niger Bridge got to our office, initially it sounds more like a printer’s devil, or, some sort of  typo error that happens periodically when news are being rushed out, headlines sometimes get screwed up in the rush. 1



The Truth about Corruption and Treasury Looting in Nigeria

  • Will Nigeria ever declare REAL and TOTAL WAR ON CORRUPTION and TREASURY LOOTING?

New York----The unmistakable truth is that corruption, nepotism, tribalism and treasury looting, the looting of the treasury in Nigeria started immediately after independence and continues till this day and no government (none, zero) had made any serious effort to stop this trend. 1

The Untold Truth about Rivers State Crisis: Both Gov. Amaechi and First Lady Jonathan Made Silly Errors Which Both of Them Must Correct

  • Haters and enemies of South-South and South East at work
  • It is in their collective interest to resolve and work together

New York---Few days ago we received a report on the reason, the origin, the cause of dispute between Rivers State Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Nigerian First Lady Mrs. Patience Jonathan, minor dispute which would have been nipped in the bud by both parties but was actually magnified and nudged by their sycophants and other unscrupulous elements to develop into major crisis that is now attracting major divisive and destructive interests scheming to use the crisis to collapse Jonathan government and tear Nigeria into pieces. 1



Peace Will Return to Rivers State as Nigeria’s First Lady Admit Her Role in the Crisis Rocking the State and Urges ‘Men of God’ (Bishops) to Mediate

New York----A large segment of Nigeria community in United States welcome news of peace overtures by Nigeria’s First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan in the crisis rocking her home state, Rivers State, Nigeria. 1


Shocking Key Lessons of George Zimmerman Trial and “Not Guilty” Verdict

  • Racism is still a huge burden for black boys and men in United States

New York------Since the jury in Florida rendered ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in the trial of neighborhood vigilante George Zimmerman on July 13, 2013, a lot of people have contacted Africans In America News Watch seeking the view and response of African immigrant community on the verdict. 1


Mutiny at Rivers State House of Assembly: All Eyes on Inspector-General of Police

New York-----Africans in United States, especially Nigerian community are watching with keen interest ugly and dangerous mutiny resulting in physical fights among state lawmakers in Rivers State House of Assembly, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The incident took place on July 9, 2013. 1

Mohamed Morsi-05-2013.jpg

The Fall of Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi: Major Causes and Lessons

New York----Upon his election in June 2012, Egyptian former President Mohamed Morsi had every opportunity to lead his country as a national statesman. Many believe he did not live up to the historic expectation. 1


Our Websites Fully Restored and Better Protected after Vicious and Malicious Attacks by Suspected Hackers

New York-----Visitors to our websites within last few days may have noticed some strange warning signs and blockage depending on web browser of each visitor. Those warnings were because our sites had come under vicious attack by suspected hackers. These particular brand of hackers were not only vicious, they appear very malicious as well. 1


To Earn My Vote, Every Candidate for Public Office in Anambra State Must Answer My Direct Questions

New York----Like many indigenes of Anambra State, Nigeria, I intend to travel and vote for upcoming governorship and local government elections in Anambra State whenever the dates are announced. Like every election, many people will vote for very many reasons. I intend to vote with hope that my vote will count for a number of very peculiar principled reasons. The main reasons being to advance the cause of democracy; another reason being to vote-in a leader that will actually advance that cause, provide appreciable democratic dividend to the masses of Anambra State and provide state-of-the-art leadership, a genuine leader that still eludes the people of Anambra State. 1


African Monarch, Igwe Nnobi Address His People in United States in a Teleconference

New York----The Igwe of Nnobi town in Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria, His Royal Highness, Engr. Nicholas M. Obi addressed and rallied his people residing in United States of America through organized teleconference held yesterday June 20, 2013. The monarch was in United States on a short visit. 1


Urgent Message Jonah David Jang and His Groups Must Consider: “Learn from Laurent Koudou Gbagbo; Don’t Allow Yourself Used to Cause Civil Unrest, Death and Destruction over Election You Contested and Clearly Lost” (Warning: Very Graphic Horror Images!!!)

  • Debriefing and sensitization of retired soldier and leader in emerging African democracy

New York-----Someone who love this Nigerian Governor Jonathan David Jang (aka, Jonah David Jang) need to let him read this piece, even if he will disregard it. 1


Rotimi Amaechi’s ‘Ambush’, Reforms and Democratization of Nigeria Governors’ Forum

  • ‘President’s men’ led by Akpabio resist ‘alien reform’ introduced by rebellious colleague
  • American lady volunteer to de-brief Air Commodore Jang, “They deceived him, poor soldier”

New York---After watching the rather absurd, noisy and totally embarrassing video of recently concluded Nigerian Governors Forum’s meeting and election of officers, a group of individuals, especially Americans interested in Nigeria, but not familiar with Nigerian socio-political etiquette want to know what the fuss was all about. We conducted a quick research and came up with the following... 1


Nigerian Booming Babies Trade: Another Dehumanization of Igbo Nation

  • Who are the main force driving this new-born babies business?
  • Who are the local and foreign buyers of these babies?
  • Where are the Final Destinations of sold babies?
  • Any implication in the on-going Global war on Terror?

New York-----During the formative stage of Africans In America, Inc. the founders conducted series of research leading to establishment of Anti-Trafficking in Humans Program, a signature project of the human rights organization. In the course of the research, the founders tumbled on information that some victims of human trafficking are used for terrorism and insurgent groups in some parts of the world. There was also mention of killing victims for fetish religious ritual, for human parts for fetish religious and medical (organs) and other purposes. 1


US Places $23m Reward on Boko Haram, AQIM and MUJAO Leaders

  • Any useful Informants to get large sum of money and family relocation to another country

New York-----In an unprecedented move, the United States on Monday posted up to $23 million in rewards to help track down five leaders of militant groups accused of spreading terror in west Africa. 1


Slaughter and Beheading of British Soldier in London May Expose Bigger Plot: Recruitment and ‘Programming’ of Christian Youths for Global Mercenary Islamic-Causes

  • Youths born of Christian parents, converted to Islam at teen age, become over passionate about new faith, undertake suicide missions, all in very rapid progression, ‘incredible’

New York----- About May 26, 2013, Femi Fani-Kayode Nigeria’s former Minister of Aviation published an article “Woolwich killing, more questions than answers” and in it he tried to raise question and establish that some “agents of illuminati in the British establishment to carry out this gruesome operation and this monstrous sacrifice”.1


Some Nigerians Disown ‘Brothers’ Who Slaughtered and Beheaded a British Soldier on London Street in Broad Daylight (Warning: Very Graphic Horror Images!!!)

  • Attackers are 100% British: citizenship, upbringing, education, residence, socialization and associate.

New York------ As the free world are expressing shock and outrage over gruesome and barbaric murder, beheading and disembowelment of a British soldier on a street in London on Wednesday May 22, 2013, Nigerian international community are expressing outrage over media classification of the 2 Nigerian-British men who carried out the horrific act. 1


Eggon Routing of Invading Nigeria Police and Security Agents Expose Huge Ethical and Professional Burden of Nigerian Law Enforcement

  • Can Nigeria Police Force be Salvaged?

New York-----A blogger in one of online group forum wrote, “The Previous police commissioner Akeremale Abayomi should be court marshaled for the embarking an ill advised invasion without adequate intelligence which has led to the death of 60 security operatives, this same police commissioner has never arrested not even 1 fulani herdsmen for the killing of thousands of Nassarawa and Benue indigenous people and he has the temerity to go an arrest a 78 year old leader of the Ombatse cult.


Key Lessons on Eggon Ombatse ‘Cult’ Group Alleged Brutal Massacre of Many Security Officers in Nigeria

  • Eggon tribe of Nigeria on the spotlight: Terrorism, cultism, or, resentment of Nigeria nation-state
  • Northern minorities very bitter over Hausa-Fulani brutal domination may have unleashed on security agents to show their resentment to symbol of that domination

New York---- Following reported gruesome massacre of tens of Nigerian law enforcement, security and intelligence officers by certain people of Eggon tribe in Alakyo village, near Lafia in Nasarawa State, many are inquiring who these people are. Many Nigerians never even heard of Eggon tribe talk-less of foreigners. So who are Eggon tribe people that allegedly killed so many number of state agents and why?


Nigerians in US Condemn Nigerian Governor Peter Obi for Attempting to Export Nigerian Culture of Corruption into Their Body in United States

  • “Teacher, don’t teach us nonsense”

New York---Methods employed by Nigerian state Governor Peter Obi in an attempt to settle disputes between some members of Anambra State Association of USA (ASA-USA) and 4 executive officials of the association is receiving attention in ‘high places’, according to sources who will want their names not mentioned.



Nigeria: Leaders Allow Child Labor and Exploitation to Thrive Openly and Freely

New York------Yesterday mark international day for all workers around the globe of earth.

Nigerian President Gudluck Ebele Jonathan and his government cabinet and Nigerian labor leaders were in National stadium, Abuja yesterday to mark world workers’ day.


The equal rights syndrome has brought harm to the marriage system

Commenting on a post on my Facebook page, a lady wrote that to be a good husband one has to be willing to act as an ox whose only role is to carry passengers as well as luggage and still endure harsh treatment.



Key Lesson from Madonna’s Charity Interests, Association and Humiliating Disappointments in Malawi

  • Corruption and Nepotism is not just a major problem in Malawi, they’re problem in most African nations.
  • Should donors channel funds through relatives of African leaders, or, should donors channel funds directly to foot-soldiers doing the work on the ground?

New York-------Recent bizarre public spat between United Kingdom-based America music mega superstar, Madonna (Miss Louise Ciccone) and female President of Malawi Joyce Banda has helped to raise once again a lot of questions about African leadership, accountability, corruption and nepotism, best practices and best way donors will channel their donation funds and get results from problem-riddled African nations.


Local and International Uproar Over State Pardon Granted to Convicted Nigerian Leader, Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha ("DSP")

  • Nigerian leadership under President Goodluck Jonathan is Simply Following Nigerian Culture of Protecting and Promoting Corruption
  • The State Pardon Further Exposed the Fallacy of Nigeria Nation

New York-----On March 12, 2013, Nigerian Council of State reportedly unanimously approved the list of individuals granted state pardon.

FORMER Chief of Staff Supreme Military Council, and brother of the late President, Major General Shehu Musa Yar'Adua; former Chief of General Staff, Lt. General Oladipo Diya and former Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha were among those granted state pardon.


Noticeable Improvement in Processing Passport at Nigeria Consulate in New York

New York- - - Today, our Executive Director made a trip to Nigerian House in New York to re-new Nigerian passport in readiness for a trip to Nigeria; a trip that will take us across various parts of Nigeria, including the Ezu River horror scene, a place where estimated 100 dead bodies, suspected victims of mass murder, were observed floating on a river, thereby poisoning the only source of water for 6 communities in Anambra State.

terror group

Nigeria Government and Terror Groups Trade Words and Photos

  • Any meaning to bloom worn by Nigerian President during his visit to terror den?

Defying security threats, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan made scheduled visit to Borno and Yobe States, the 2 states in northern Nigeria regarded by many as the Nigeria terror groups’ stronghold.  This was his first visit to the area since taking office as president.

During the visit, President Jonathan commissioned some projects, held talks with governors and leaders of the 2 states and held town-hall meeting with the people of the states.

However, the visit is uniquely remarkable in view of the developments leading to and shortly before it.

Pundits, both local and international observers are analyzing the very remarkable visit of the Nigeria leader to a very remarkable, all-be-it troubling part of the nation.

Ezu River Killings and Related Matters: Mothers and Grandmothers of All Key Questions

  • Are there ‘elephants in the room’; kind of ‘DSP George Iyamu’ in Anambra State Police Command?
  • Will something meaningful come out of Nigerian Senate Investigation?

Information filtering in from sources within Anambra State indicate that Anambra State police and government may be relentlessly working extra hard to manufacture a SUPERIOR LOGIC to douse gathering local and international storm over tens and dozens of dead bodies found floating on Ezu River on January 19, 2013.

Africans In America, Inc. (AIA), a Human Rights Organization based in New York Battles Con-Artists Pretending to be Miraculous & Demon-Casting Pentecostal Pastors, Latest Being Attempts to Plant Package Suspected to be Narcotics in AIA’s Office

  • Attempts by New York-based Nigerian and Aruba Fake Pastors and Cult Gang leader to Plant Incriminating Materials in Bronx Private Residential Property of Human Rights Activist.
  • The senseless Aruba man, a church floor-cleaner suddenly-made pastor by a con-artist (fake pastor) acted as a ‘hit-man’, entered a private residential property, attempted to plant suspected incriminating material (s) wrapped in a black plastic bag. He quickly, cleverly and narrowly escaped from the scene before uniform officers from New York Police Department arrived. (August 23, 2012)
  • Fake Pastors/church leaders are alleged Con-Masters specializing in: 1. Hypnotizing, seducing and VIOLATING recruited vulnerable women, 2. Instigating/tearing African families apart, 3. Instigating/tearing friends apart, 4. Devise various financial scams, 5. Converting church funds to personal use, 6. Occult practices, 7. Pact with cult gang and other criminal elements, 8. Demonic fear-mongering & terror, 9. Etc, etc

“After using their pulpits and places of business to preach and boast to their members and followers that the god (s) of vengeance they worship will deal with me, and went ahead with  attempts to plant incriminating material(s) in my house and our organization’s headquarter, these con-artists are exposing their shams, mocking and trying the REALTRUE & AUTHENTIC God Almighty. Haven been sufficiently warned by born-again Nigerian beauty queen (former Miss UNILAG) and other insiders of the group about the subterraneous and wicked antecedents of these con-artists, we are sort of apprehensive and patiently waiting. These things go to expose these con-artists as a bunch of hardcore crooks hiding under the name of churches to commit various forms of scams”, Bonaventure Ezekwenna, Executive Director, Africans In America, Inc.

Elderly Aunt of Senator Andy Uba, former President Obasanjo’s Special Aide on Domestic Affairs Brutalized, lost 2 teeth, Stranded in US and Crying for Help

  • Victim is Aunt of multi-billionaire Senator Andy Uba and political ‘godfather’ Chief Chris Uba (Eselu Uga)
  • Victim’s 2 teeth knocked-out by her Madame while doing unpaid slave job in USA
  • Violent assault leading to loss of 2 teeth took place on March 13, 2011 in New York City
  • Victim is a hero that saved Senator Andy Uba’s life from electrocution in 1961/1962

New York -----Mrs. Joy Nneka Obi is 67 years old widow, mother of 10 children from Uga town, Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. She is aunt to very influential and powerful people in Nigeria, one of whom is multi-billionaire Senator Andy Uba, former Special Aide to former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Domestic Affairs throughout 8 years of Obasanjo’s presidency, from 1999 to 2007

Update developments on: Cult Gang Takeover of Mostly Nigerian Pentecostal Church in New York Worry True Worshipers

Threats to life

New York -----On Sunday October 16, 2011, starting at 2.13pm Africans in America News Watch received 4 distress and emergency calls from born-again Nigerian beauty queen and former Miss UNILAG (names withheld) to notify us of threats and boasts by Nigerian Pentecostal Pastor (names withheld) and female cult gang leader (names withheld) that they will do numerous harm to her and our Executive Director/publisher for revealing and publishing their secret dealings. The former Miss UNILAG stated she placed the first call to our office from inside the pastor’s office, in the presence of everyone while the threats were taking place.

African Leaders are New Slave Masters

New York, USA---- A study by Africans In America, Inc. a US-based organization advocating end of human trafficking and new slavery has shown that most African leaders, with exception of South Africa, regard and treat their people as slaves. The study also shows that world powers are aware of this fact all along, and may have aided in many ways to maintain the status quo, especially when their interest are guaranteed and protected.

Nigerians Express Doubt over Nationality of Engineer Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

New York, USA---- Following recent shocking admissions, guilty plea and statements of Engineer Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab 24, to charges of terrorism in United States court, Nigerian international community are expressing doubt on his actual nationality.

Cult Gang Takeover of Mostly Nigerian Pentecostal Church in New York Worry True Worshippers

New York -----Our attention have been drawn to some very STRANGE and BIZZARE things that appear to be happening at this mostly Nigerian Pentecostal church in New York making many to wonder: IS GOD ASLEEP? HAS GOD GONE ON VACATION?

Africans In America, Inc. Explains Dubious Circumstances Surrounding Award to Ambassador Dr. Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe

  • Another call for clinical investigation

New York---Africans In America, Inc., a human rights organization raising awareness on issues affecting African immigrants in United States wishes to put the record straight regarding the dubious circumstances leading to its award for "Exemplary Leadership and Community Service" given to Nigerian Ambassador, Dr Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe on March 2, 2007 in New York.

Pitfalls in Crude Oil Business: Disdain to Proper Procedure Makes Business Very Risky

New York---Since our publication titled: Basic Information One Needs to Know about Crude Oil Business in Nigeria, we have gotten quite a number of inquiries and feedbacks, some of which form the base of this piece. We will use unorthodox writing method (Q and A) in this piece to dramatize our findings.

Dr. Allison Anadi Wins Election to Become the 3rd National President of ASA-USA

New York---Information reaching us indicates that Dr. Allison Anadi, a professor of criminology and Director/Chair of the Criminal Justice Graduate Program at Southern University (Baton Rouge, LA, USA) has won the hotly contested National President of Anambra State Association, USA, Inc. (ASA-USA).


Truth on How Ozoemena Maryrose Nwadike was Caught and Disbarred in US)

About 2 weeks ago we published 'AIA Response to Smear Posted on Online Forums by Ngige Associates and Cronies Alleging that AIA Reported Their Colleague To US Authority for Illegal Activities (Fraudulent activities, Financial crimes, etc.)'

AIA Response to Smear Posted on Online Forums by Ngige Associates and Cronies Alleging that AIA Reported Their Colleague To US Authority For Illegal Activities (Fraudulent Activities, Financial crimes, etc.)

We at Africans In America, Inc. (AIA) thank our well-wishers for bringing to our attention this smear by Ngige associates, since we are no longer part of those online forums after our postings were suspiciously and impolitely tampered with, details of which we will not like to discuss at the moment.

Basic Information One Needs to Know About Crude Oil Business in Nigeria

Based on public inquiries we had received on the subject, we did some research and hereby publish it as part of public awareness.

Nigerian Terrorist Attempt to Bomb US Airline: Critical Family and National Questions

  • Did politically and economically connected Mutallab make proper report about his son and to appropriate agency?
  • Could mega-wealthy Mutallab, Snr have done more than mere reporting to Nigerian and US governments?

Dangers of Outside godfathers Sponsoring Elections in Igboland: Prelude to Slavery

  • Time for action is now. Igbos have enough billionaires to sponsor elections in Igboland

Army and Police know the armed robbers terrorizing Anambra State, says Gov. Peter Obi

  • ‘State-sponsored’ terror in Nigeria that killed many civilians, police officers & visiting Anambra-American?
  • Gov.’s email seen as, ‘A call for Support; and, A call for Actions’

Nigerian Community Woes Top America Movie Stars, Forest Whitaker and Danny Glover with Chieftaincy Titles

New York --- Two American top movie actors, Forest Steven Whitaker and Danny Lebern Glover were conferred with Chieftaincy titles by the traditional ruler of Nkwerre town, Imo State, Nigeria, Eze Dr. Chijioke Jeki Okwara on Sunday April 5, 2009.

Citizens Lament United Bank for Africa (UBA) Lousy Services in Anambra State, Nigeria
New York --- United Bank for Africa, Plc. (UBA) banking services in Anambra State of Nigeria has come under very serious criticism following the lousy treatment of its customers at the banks headquarters in Awka on Saturday March 14, 2009.

International support for Madonna’s quest to adopt a second child from Malawi grows
March 31, 2009--Most critics, including African leaders are just jealous, and will sing a different tune if their own children are the ones chosen by Madonna for adoption”, said Executive Director, Africans In America, Inc.
Mike Mbama Okiro Nigeria Inspector General of Police

Press Release: Nigerian Police Assault on Catholic Holy Mass and Threat to Kill 30 Priests at Nnobi Palace

New York: February 28, 2009--Following reports on illegal and barbaric conduct of officers of Nigerian Police Force that raided the palace of Nnobi monarch, Igwe Nicholas M. Obi on January 3, 2009 while he was celebrating his 70th birthday.


Photo-history of President-elect Barack Obama: From childhood to White House
November 6, 2008--Photo gallery: Photo background of President-elect Barack Obama, the 44th President of United States of America, effective January 20, 2009.
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